Insect on BlackBerry canes

I have this bug on my BlackBerry canes every time he sees me he runs to the other side of the cane hiding from me and they also fly and jump I don’t mind them eating sone leaves but will this kill my blackberry? is this a cane borer?


That looks like some kind of a Psyllid.

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Hard to be certain without a side view, but placement of eyes on head is more like one of the hopper (leaf, plant, frog) insects.

Avoidance by scurrying to the opposite side of cane or leaf is typical of the hoppers.

This is not a cane borer.

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These insects have been on my fruit trees and berries for the last week or so I haven’t seen any damage they’ve caused so I guess I’ll just leave them alone.

Possibly Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter which can be a problem. Info and video here : Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter | Center for Invasive Species Research

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That might be the insect where people told me not to grow grapes in Florida from the Pierce disease.

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