Interest in Apricots

Hello I am intersted in adding a few Apricots to my collection. I am not concerned about early freezes as the trees will be in pots and I have a greenhouse I can pull them into when needed. Of course I want great tasting varieties but I would love to find two or so that will fruit reliably for me. I am interested in Tomcot, Royal Rosa, Orange Knockout, Golden Sweet, Robada and maybe Tisdale. Of course I would love to hear all opinions. From what I have heard and seen inluding from people here these seem like really difficult trees. Am I crazy to want to try them? It’s funny because there is an outdoor tree of seemingly advanced age in my hood that sets a small but decent crop every year that I’ve lived here of course the current owners didn’t plant it and have no clue what it is and of course the squirrels get em all anyway!


Drew, the apricots you see that seem to have magically appeared a lifetime ago and survive marvelously through all conditions are keepers if they taste good- so grab some wood off one or four of them and graft them to some good hardy local seedling rootstock. They are suited to your area and have stood the test of time.

They will only do well in my yard for a few years, and then only by divine intervention. In every other case they will thrive briefly and spontaneously collapse for no reason at all. But that’s my yard, and with apricots that’s depressing.

Seriously, I suspect that we get into trouble with 'cots because we try to grow varieties that are only wonderful somewhere else. Some of them are better at migrating than others, but for me, at least, they do seem contrary. Good luck to you.

Your yard and mine. Ditto your experience with them.

Are two required for pollination, or will one set fruit on it’s own?

Does anyone have any experience in an espalier apricot? I’ve got a great location on the side of a large shed and thinking about planting something there in espalier form.

Thank you Mark. Yes I’m not above borrowing a branch for sure! I just wish I could try it first but like I say the tree rats are greedy in my neighborhood.

Most European varieties are self-fertile, and most Central Asian varieties require a pollinator. Hybrids can go either way but generally benefit from presence of a pollinator. With few exceptions, most apricots that bloom at the same time (or at least overlap) will help pollinate each other.