Intro from NorCal

Hi Fruit growing people!! I’m a fledgling fruit grower and I’m looking to share my experiences and learn from yours. Honestly, the ratio is probably around 85% learn, 15% share initially. :slight_smile:

Currently, the garden is barren and I will be expanding the size to accommodate a few more things. I also deliberately did not plant anything this late ‘Winter’/early Spring because I am in the throes of building raised beds.

Once those are done I will post a few pix for you to enjoy.

Oh, also, I am interested in putting in a FEW fruit trees. I know, I know, you want to know what kind of fruit, etc. Well… I’m not quite sure. Here’s why;

  1. Size DOES matter
  2. I love all kinds of fruit
  3. I have ADHD and making a decision and committing to it is extremely difficult when there are limitations - thus item #1 - my suburban lot is not very big thanks to this house sitting right in the middle of it.

I’ll hop over to the relevant area(s) in the forum to describe in more detail. For now, I bid you all healthy and bountiful crops!



welcome Jim! we all have our issues. this site might become your new obsession! not a bad one to have. :wink:


Welcome Jim. I am glad you found Us! 2486 Strong!



Welcome Jim,

So many micro climates in California which part specifically?

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Welcome Jim to the gardening and fruit lovers web.

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Hi Kevin - Knightsen, CA is the town. It’s in the California Delta region.

Here’s the Wikipedia page for the area.


Oh, I love my situation!!! I’ve been a hobby gardener for 50+ years - me and dad grew a lot of great vegetables, not too many fruits though. We had 5 apricot trees on the property, but they were part of a fairly large orchard that meandered over the hill we lived on in Los Altos, CA.

Now, I want to have at least a few fruit trees (2 or 3) and such.


Hey, neighbor! In past years I regularly went to the Brentwood/Knightsen area to buy fruits at U-Picks and farm stands. This is the first summer I’m fully satisfied with fruits from my own trees.


Great climate for growing. I used to live in Los Altos myself the only apricot orchard left there is in front of the library on San Antonio rd.


We lived in the hills, down by Loyola Corners - Los Altos Golf & Country Club area.

When did you live in Los Altos, and when? Now you’ve got me curious…

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Welcome neighbor!
I’m a fellow NorCal gardener just down the road from you in Livermore.


I lived in Los Altos and Los Altos hills from 2000-2006, then moved to San Jose. My uncle lives there though so I was going up to visit until 2017 then I moved to Georgia. Not sure when you left a lot of development happened especially where the sears used to be. Downtown has changed too they are trying to build upwards now but meeting resistance

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Welcome Jim! I live in the Campbell/West San Jose area.

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