Intro to the forum

Hello all. I have been a member of the late F4F forum and current active member of the Ourfigs forum with a deeper ambition to not only expand my gardening growing in raised beds and growing fig trees, but to utilize the great yard space I have to grow fruit trees and more.
I have greatly relied on the hard word and shared tutelage of the forum community to turn an incredible hobby into an achievable one. It is quite amazing how far from ideal local reassures can be (big box stores local nurseries (non fruit selling) and local folk in the neighborhood) especially when starting out and living in a non growing focused community.
Looking forward to browsing through previous content to find some clues to my fruit tree search and hope to have some info of my own to share.


Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome! I’ve only been on here since last fall but have found this forum to be full of extremely knowledgeable and generous people.