Introducing myself to Scott's forum


Welcome Rob.

If you don’t mind my suggestion, you should start a new thread under General Fruit category and post your question.

Posting your question here in the Introduction thread, you may not get many responses.


The Phoenix rises again.

Go for it



Welcome Rob. You have found a great place to hang out. Bill


Welcome aboard!


Hi. I’ve been following this forum for a while but just signed up recently. The information here is just so valuable for finding cultivars that are a good fit in my climate. I’m in north Alabama, zone 7b. Hopefully this is the year I learn grafting, rooting figs, and how to tell when my pears are ready to pick.




Welcome Rob, and congrats on the nice pears. Must be satisfying to grow your own, ay? Sounds like you are trying to make the most of your small space.

I’m a newbie at this as well, I took the fruit plunge last year with about a dozen apples, plus a few pears, peaches, and pecans, and have more plants and trees on order for this year. I’m so glad to have found this forum with lots of helpful and knowlegeable folks. Can’t wait to taste the “fruit” of our labors.

Anyway, welcome again.


Welcome aboard.


Welcome to the forum, Junior, I mean, drusket! You have some fellow Bamans on here, like @Auburn and @barry.


Welcome drusket. Glad to have another one of my neighbors signed up on our forum. I’m located in the southern part of St Clair county. Bill


Thanks much! The pears will be nicer this year, since I just ordered these: Found out about them from this group! Very excited about these!


Thanks for the warm welcome folks! We’re in the northern part of St. Clair and I’m an Auburn grad as well.


Hello all,

I connected with Tony via gardenweb few years back. He introduced me to this forum which is much more user friendly than the new gw platform. I joined this forum and peek in every so often. It’s a great bunch of knowledgeable folks here.

As for me, I’m in sacramento, ca zone 9b. I started gardening mainly veggies few years back. Annuals are work and only yield so much. A friend of mines talked me into growing some fruit trees as a way to get food w/ less work. I didn’t know much and bought random big box store fruit trees and planted them straight into clay. Needless to say after killing my fair share of fruit trees and learning better ways to grow plants… I’ve expanded to a wider variety of fruit trees/shrubs. Another friend introduced me to grafting as a way to sample more varieties of fruit with a smaller footprint. I’ve never looked back. Big thanks to Scott for hosting this incredible resource for enthusiasts to gather and let our hair down.


Welcome Sam. Maybe you can help me figure out how to make growing fruit trees less work- little harder in the east.


Welcome, Sam, another fellow Californian! I’m down in S. California (N. San Diego county), and very glad you found us. We look forward to your posts and photos of your garden!

Patty S.


Yeah, but you love it, even if it is hard work and the frost gets the blooms, and then the bugs, and deer, and coons…


Hello everyone! I’m Ian, and terribly thankful for a forum like this one.

My place is in Zone 5b in Columbia County, NY - not far from the intersection of New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, in the little slice of the Berkshires called the Taconics. I started this little fruit-growing adventure in 2011, caught the serious bug in 2012, and now I’ve got over 50 different trees in various stages of development! That said, I’m stunned at the amount of obvious mistakes I keep making, and rely on this forum (mostly as a lurker for the last year) to keep at it. Here’s what I’m growing:

Peach: Delicious, Burbank July Elberta, Reliance, Elberta Queen, Early White Giant, Suncrest, Saturn

Apple: Cox Orange Pippin, Sweet 16, Fuji, Spitzenburg, White Pearmain, Blue Pearmain, Lady, Braestar, Granny Smith

Plum: Bubblegum, Shiro, Redheart, Pipestone, Green gage, Superior

Pear: Shenandoah, Blake’s Pride, Magness, Honeysweet, Moonglow, Starking Delicious

Pluot: Flavor Supreme, Flavor King, Flavor Grenade, Dapple Dandy

Cherry: Stella, Starkrimson

Gooseberry: Invictus, Hinnonmaki

Pecan: Colby, Hardy Giant

Others: Spring Satin Plumcot, Sweet Treat Pluerry, Shenandoah Paw-Paw, Nectarine Yumm-Yumm, “Fruit Salad” 5-in-1 (Santa Rosa Plum, Babcock White Peach, Blenheim Apricot, July Elberta, Fantasia Nectarine)

We also have about 10-11 giant sugar maples that we tap each spring to make our own syrup. It’s a pretty special place, and the tree-growing is addictive, but even so, some of the frustration (last year, we had no fruit on any tree whatsoever) can get the best of me, so this is a great place to commiserate. Thanks!


Welcome to the crew, Ian. Nice assortment of fruit you have going. I’d be interested in hearing how your Hinnomaki, Starking Delicious, and Moonglow do, as we’re trying those as well. We’re also trying to get some pecans going in an unfriendly area for pecans.

It sounds like you’re in a nice location in New England. Folks like @alan, @BobVance, and @MES111 are pretty close to you, among others.

Hope u enjoy your time at the forum.


Welcome Iam.


Hi Ian,

I am across the river from you in Greene County in the Purling-Cairo area.

Welcome. My couple of Apples got taken out by Hurricane IRENE. So when I replanted on the other side of the property it became almost 100 various trees (apples, peaches, plums, pears, nects cherry, pluot etcs., Apricots) and like for you last year was a disastrous disappointment.

But we just keep at it because…