Introducing myself with pictures

Hi all, I am a backyard gardening and fruit tree enthusiast.

I originally planted a row of trees in my backyard not know what I was doing. The constant water from the sprinklers killed almost all of them except my nectaplum.

I decided to try again. This time I moved all my sprinklers in that area 5 feet up, and build a raised bed to help with drainage.

Here is a picture from 2 seasons ago when i planted the trees.

I have followed the DWN style, and kept them pruned low. I had issues with shothole fungus my first year so now I use a dormant spray.

Even with a good layer of mulch my Bermuda grass completely engulfed the bed, I have been pulling it out, and I added those recycled rubber tree rings below the trunks. This season I plan to pull the grass. Add a layer of weed cloth and then mulch on top of it. hopefully that can keep it down, but its crazy aggressive

I live in Santa Clarita (North Los Angeles), and would love to visit other peoples gardens so I can continue to learn.

If I were to build this raised bed agian, I would have built it to the wall in the back because tons of weeds grow back there and its hard to manage in that tight gap. I also would have just laid stones down instead of using the wood fence posts. It was so much work lol.

I havent even had fruit off my most my trees, except a couple nectaplums last year.

My favorite fruits have to be panache figs, and cherriums. Too bad DWN wont release the cherrium, they do have it tho. I am getting the new sugar twist pluerry next week. I also I want to add some loquats as they grow well here and taste great.



What variety of cherrums have you tasted?

I love the Verry Cherry Plum variety.


I first bought it 3 years ago at my local Valley Produce, and it was produce by a Phillips Farms. I called them, and they said they discontinued that lot, but that the tree was supplied by DWN. I called and talked to Tom, and he told me that the tree is only available to commercial producers. (Tom is awesome btw).

I missed any of them the next year and was bummed. Then I found the at Trader Joes this last season, but it was a Trader Joes brand. I bought 6 carts of them and ate every one. So good. My fav fruit.

Tom at the time recommended I try the Sweet Treat Pluerry, so I have that in my bed, but have yet to taste it.

Welcome, Adam, and that’s a nice row of trees you’ve got going. SHF is pretty common for us here in S. California in the late spring/early summer. As well as Peach Leaf Curl (PLC), but your dormant spraying will take care of both.

And yes, Bermuda is awful. Those stolens will worm their way through just about anything, and you will just keep pulling and pulling and pulling the bloody stuff out. I might suggest biting the bullet, and building a serious raised bed using matching cinder blocks. I tend to shy away from any wood touching the ground, due to the attraction for termites.

Too bad about the cherrium, I would love to try that. I’ll have to ask Tom Spellman about that - maybe DWN has plans down the road to release it outside of the commercial marketplace. Sounds pretty interesting. I didn’t order a Sugar Twist pluerry this year because I was pretty disappointed in the quality of Sweet Treat, and I may chop one or both of them down (but they’re on Myro, so they both are pretty substantial, now!) I am going to wait for feedback on Sugar Twist before I add that to my collection.

Panache is an outstanding fig, it is also one of my favorites. My Panache is just way too big, again. So, going to try to chop it back down. Otherwise, I’m going to have to invest in a picker to reach the top of a now (and again for the 2nd time) 30’ tree.

And, MrClint will be your forum loquat expert. He grows several varieties.

Patty S.

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Adam … Come on down now to see the work in progress … or after March when the mini-golf course construction is completed!

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Speaking of Cherrums, we could create one this year by crossing Nadia with a Cherry.

mini golf course?? that sounds awesome

I think you came to the wrong place, amh0001, in a year from now, this group is going to turn you into a tree hoarder. LOL.

Welcome to the group.

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I am definitely coming over to see the mini golf course, that’s the bomb.

Haha, maybe being new I’m missing something…Golf course? Martin are you nearby?

Here are some current photos

This is my nectaplum.

Here is the row now. You can see the growth. It’s been slow. Also if you look halfway down the bed you can see how far I’ve pulled the grass.


Have you thought about laying down landscape fabric to control the grass? ive started using it on my pathways and so far its worked pretty good.

And welcome to the group! The weather man is definitely right! I think im out of space but keep finding room lol.

Hi mickster,

Thanks for the warm welcome. Yes I just bought a ton of weed fabric that I’m going to lay down then cover with another layer of mulch.

In the 14th, Tom soellman will be in Fillmore giving g talk, I will be there

I agree on that. I bought several packs of them at Sam’s last summer and they were excellent. I’d be thrilled to grow that variety if I could get my hands on it.

Wow- that grass went crazy. I normally don’t spray herbicide on anything but poison ivy, but if I had grass like that I might just spray a ring around the raised bed. A moat of sorts to keep the grass monster away.

And welcome!

Bermuda grass is hell. I won’t permit it in my yard.


It is and I hate it, I have mostly fescue. I can’t get rid of the Bermuda I have. It will crawl into any area I cultivate

Turflon Ester is an over-the-counter selective herbicide that kills bermuda grass but not fescue.

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The active ingredient in Turflon Ester is Triclopyr, It is used for brush and broad leaf control. The label says that Bermuda grass is suppressed but it takes 3 or 4 applications 4 weeks apart. Make sure and do not let any drift come in contact with fruit trees. It will be more deadly to the trees than roundup.


Yes, Hopefully my weed cloth with make an impact, I really dont want to use poisons