Introduction and Current Plantings

Moved to a new house/yard and currently planting new fruit trees. Three persimmons; coffee cake, Fuji and Hachiya. I’ve planted a muscadine and will add another this November. I’ve acquired fig cuttings and will propagate a few potted trees possibly putting half in the ground. Figs are Bebera Preta and Black Medeira.


Hello, BYT, and welcome to the forum! Thank you for introducing yourself. I’m looking forward to hearing more from you. I hope all your plantings do well for you. Did you grow fruit at your previous abodes?

I see you are in zone 9. What part of the country (or world)?

I live in Louisiana. I grew muscadines, persimmons. I lived on 3 acres but got sick of cutting grass.

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I think of grass as an invasive weed that misguided people grow on purpose. :wink: As far as I’m concerned, the more area you fill with your orchard, the less grass there is to mow. Win and win.

Best of luck with the figs. The trees should grow well there. I’m always glad to see another Southeastern grower here. You’ll be in good company.