Introduction by Charles

Hi all,

I’ve been lurking about a year but wanted to do a formal intro.

I’m Charles and currently reside in several Northern California locations: Rocklin, Somerset, San Jose and hometown Santa Cruz.

Our farm and farmhouse are in Somerset, CA where we grow 15 acres of wine grapes and have about 3 acres of home orchard and gardens. Zone 9B. Apples, pears and grapes do best for us. Plums not so well.

If you live near Sacramento hit us up. The farm has many excellent wineries nearby where we could go tasting.

Thanks for having us here. Looking forward to the excellent interactions.

CRFG Sacramento Chapter.


Welcome, Charles.

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Welcome Charles!

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Welcome Charles!
I grow in Vallejo.
CRFG Redwood Empire Chapter

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Do you grow Muscat Canelli?

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Hi Charles! Glad to have you here.

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No muscat. We used to have 5 varieties but we are transitioning 7 acres to more current varieties. For now we only have Zinfandel and Sauvignon Blanc. Most of the SV will become Malbec, Granache, Tempranillo and Petit Verdot after grafting a couple of years from now.

Glad to have you on the forum. :slight_smile:

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Hi Charles, good to see you over here. When you get a chance stop by, I have a fig cutting for you. BTW, the wine was really good, so were the apples, thank you!


Thanks Jon, I’ll stop by sometime after next week when I return from the farm.

Thanks Everyone for the warm wishes. I figure I should start contributing when every time I do a search online this forum pops up. Great info and great people here.

In the immortal words of Barbara Streisand:

People who love gardening,
are the loveliest people.

Or something like that :smiley: