Irises and crocosmia and agave

We dug out a lot of irises while prepping areas for the new roses. I’m not well versed in iris terminology. So, please forgive my fumbling of the description.

They are yellow and originally came from an old home site that was being cleared. They have thrived with minimal care and multiplied prolifically in my clay soil, and withstood drought without supplemental watering. They are neither German bearded, nor the more willowy, practically invasive, type that prefers wetter areas. In other words, they are hardy, work well at filling in an area, but are not invasive.

I have more of these than I need for my own use. It’s possible that the guys who were finishing up tossed some of my cherished named irises in there. In which case, I will be sad.

I also have an abundance of crocosmia. These produce red flowers in the summer. The hummers enjoy them. They reproduce so well that it’s possible for them to be too prolific if planted in the wrong area.

Additionally, I have young “century plants” available. The mama is large and pushes out many babies each year. Once again, this is a no maintenance plant for me, even though it’s planted in a spot that would otherwise be barren.

If any participants here would like me to send any of these, just let me know.

I didn’t post this as a scion exchange because they aren’t fruit, though I suppose the century plant could be considered an edible.

Muddy, I would love some of the iris. Will pm you.