Is 1 inch mesh good enough for birds?

I’m building a caged enclosure for my potted figs and strawberries. The birds are just too relentless.

The dimension I’m thinking of is 10x20 ft or 8x20 ft.

I will be using 6 t-posts.

I was wondering if 1 inch mesh poultry netting would be enough to keep the birds out.

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I made a blueberry cage using 1 inch poultry netting. It keeps the larger birds such as jays and robins out. However a few wrens and chickadees manage to get in, but they don’t eat much. So overall I am happy with it. I hope your t- posts can support a netting roof, cause you’ll be needing something on top. Oh, by the way, chipmunks are also able to get in thru poultry netting.


We don’t have chipmunks. Thank God!

Awesome. I don’t have chipmunks or squirrels. As long as a 1 inch mesh can leave me 90% of my fruits to eat, I’m fine with smaller birds getting 10%.

By the way, I meant 10x20x8 ft (WxLxH) for the enclosure.