Is anyone growing a heat tolerant kiwi?

Is anyone growing a kiwi that can handle harsh summers? In I’m central Texas, and we get 40-50 days over 100 degrees each year. I’ve read that kiwis don’t do well in that level of heat. Can anyone recommend a variety that would work?

There were kiwis farmed in Mentone CA for several decades that tolerated the 100°F+ summer days including the 115°F days in August. But as the saying goes, it is a dry heat (very low humidity). I’m not aware of what cultivars were being grown.

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The yellow kiwi varieties that Auburn has been promoting have done well east of you at SFA University. They likely have more humidity and a bit less heat there, and fewer spring frosts issues. Do you have frequent late spring frosts? If so, then that is a much bigger deal breaker than heat.

These varieties are supposedly going to become available as tissue culture grown plants on their own roots, but I’m not sure when.


That sounds promising. I will have to look for more information about when they will become available. We have about the same avg last frost date as they do in Nacogdoches, Tx.