Is gardenweb gone?

Is GW gone?

I tried to log on but was taken to a a page on HOUZZ that said…


Both on desktop computer and on my IPAD.


I try to log in fruit and orchard and it is no longer there. Huh?


Same thing here. Page was not found.

Me to.

Same here, I was on it earlier today and then just went ther and It was gone. I feel sorry for the other people who had made so many friends on their favorite subjects forums. Thank god Scott saved us and we got to stick together.


It’s probably just temporary. But if permanent hopefully people will find there way here.

I try to get many old friends from GW to join and hopefully they will invite their friends and so on. Pass the words.


Its working for me right now, but this forum already has better information exchange.

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Yep, it is back. Must be some down time earlier.


It’s gone for me, haven’t checked in days.

I still have some old instructional threads bookmarked there that I access.

Not much else going on there .


It seems to be running normally to me. Been there a couple times today to pontificate on the relative safety of synthetic pesticides (relative to all the hype of extreme danger to human health).

I’ve followed your regimen with Immunox and Triazicide, and it hasnt failed me yet.
Easy peezy.

Regarding the original topic, I hope GW is put out of its misery, I havent checked it since Tony emailed me with a link to here.


It was off line for a few hours when I posted.

Came back later that night.

it’s kind of gone to me.

more often than not, the site is non-navigable (unnavigable?) due to showstopping houzz pop-ups.

You have to shake your head - a site spends effort to lure people to its page, then does everything to prevent them from using it

I visit once in a while just to look in. What keeps me from going back on a regular basis is the quality of the responses.

So sorry to see because every resource should be supported


[quote=“MES111, post:17, topic:795”]
So sorry to see because every resource should be supported

The key word being “resource”.

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In this endeavor a poor resource is worse than none at all.


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I haven’t looked, but you would imagine Reddit would have an active gardening forum… maybe not. Maybe 4chan? :wink: has a board…