Is it inappropriate to grow a high jujube tree?

Hello everyone,
Last year, I bought one Li, one Lang jujube trees planted at my backyard. I wanted they grow high because we love jujube fruit and I don’t care about to use a ladder for its maintenance. They were about 6 feet height when I bought them. Now they are about 10 feet.

I just concern they are so thin for such a height. What do you think the tree?


Some trees that thin will lean over, but jujubes have strong wood so are not as prone to that. But to be safe you can always stake it up until it is more mature. The trunk will fatten up over the years like any other tree.

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Don’t confuse height with fruit production. If you top it off now you will actually get all that growth but instead of up it will go sideways, where it is easier to pick. You are not going to gain more fruit by making it harder on you.

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It’s been a hard year and I just wouldn’t go after the jujubes just looking to relax and unwind a bit.