Is it normal to have to stake Ichi Ki Kei Jiro?

This is after its first winter here, and it leafed out nicely and is growing well. The problem is the poor thing flops completely over with rain or wind! To either side. I’ll have to stake him for sure.

But does that mean I have too much top growth, or will the trunk grow quickly enough for the top later? Is he supposed to be able to support himself as a little tree? He’s maybe 30-36" tall, and the branches aren’t long.

There are 4 ‘scaffolds’ and they are in the 4 different compass directions. But two are on the same level and the other two are on the same level as well. Is that going to be a problem? Thanks!

This is not uncommon, just stake it. When the trunk is 6" in diameter it won’t be a problem :smile:

I have a quince now that is doing the same thing, I should stake it but have not gotten around to yet.

The scaffolds sound fine for now. You can always remove one later if its not working out with four.

I’ve had to stake several of mine as well. Most of my persimmons don’t add girth to the main trunk as fast as other trees, and when they carry fruit this can be a BIG problem if not staked…

Thanks so much @scottfsmith and @npolaske! I’ll make sure to stake him with a nice semi-permanent stake that won’t wear out by the end of the season. I’ve never even seen a persimmon growing in real life till now, but my grandmother used to find them somewhere in these woods and make persimmon pudding every single year :slight_smile:

They grow strangely, lol.