Is it pest or disease?

I found several white dots on a branch of flowering quince I brought home to flower. They look like small drops of lime dried. I can take them off with my finger nail. When smashed, there is something dark inside, but it doesn’t feel wet. Here is a picture of a side attached to the branch, and bellow it, external side on a thumb nail for scale. I think I saw similar once on sour cherry. Any idea what it is?


Probably an insect egg. If so I have no idea what.

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Looks like an egg to me too, or maybe a cocoon of some sort?.

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If it is an egg, then it is dead one - it is dry inside. It also resembles this:

But it is much whiter than on the pictures I find for san-jose-scale.

Some animal’s poop?

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No, doesn’t look like it. It looks attached to the branch, and they are in numbers, but not in the same place, kind of spread. And very very small, like 1/2 mm

It could be something laying eggs desperately, not finding what they usually lay eggs on, and so compromising.

That is happening a lot, like boring beetles not finding the plants they are used to, so they try something else, like fig trees to lay their eggs inside of.

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I have that on a J plum and a little on a nearby peach tree. Best I could figure is that it’s white peach scale?

Mine made very tiny little orange dots last summer is why I realized it wasn’t just part of the wood.

This article has pictures that look like mine:

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Yes, it looks very close to what I have, I just don’t have it as heavy as pictured. Thanks!

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