Is it possible to tell Hardy Kiwi genders from buds?

A customer/friend, came around one day to buy some chestnut saplings, he brought along with him cuttings of autumn olive, clove currant, haskaps, and hardy kiwi. I was delighted to receive such gifts, and felt bad charging him money for the plants I was selling; never before have I experienced such generosity and I hope to meet up with him on his property some time in the future. But I digress; how does one know the gender of a hardy kiwi by cuttings alone? Do I need to wait a couple years until they start flowering, or is there a way to decipher the gender by how the buds look, much like how seabuckthorn buds can look different depending on the gender.

sorry if the pictures are blurry! :sweat_smile:

Unlikely to tell gender by buds, dna testing or flowers will

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