Is it safe to use rooting hormone on blueberries, blackberries or apple roostock?

I have been using but have been reading a lot of comments under youtube videos and other places on the internet people saying that most rooting hormones are not safe for fruit trees or plants.

In your situation,what is it’s purpose going to be?I propagate some plant cuttings and use rooting hormone with Blackberry and some others.
I think it was an Oregon State study that found the stuff had no positive benefit working with Blueberry. Brady

I have using the rooting hormone to propagate cuttings from apple rootstock.

Clonex for example is what I use. It’s a good idea to wear rubber gloves when applying it. Some rooting hormones are for ornamental plants only so I would not use those. My thought is like with anything in our world such as gmo grain, pesticide, herbicide, fungicide, medicine, microwaves etc. safety is a matter of opinion. That being said I’m assuming you are taking cuttings to save money and get identical rootstocks which are both smart ideas. I personally would not hesitate to use clonex but I would be careful with it and use it when no other options make sense. Willow water is a natural rooting compound if you want organic. Just soak willow branches in water for a day or so.

Thanks I have since switched to willow but I have some cuttings I used dip n grow on. Yes I am trying to save money by started my own rootstocks.

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