Is it too late to plant rootbound hardy figs in zone 6b?

I have some 3 gallon pots with figs I rooted from cuttings this spring. Chicago hardy along with some i got from some Greek friends they brought over here: one called Egyptian and one supposedly taken from Shakespeares garden.

They are very root bound in the pots. The roots are growing out of the drainage holes big time. I love these plants. My question is:

Do I plant them now in zone 6b with first average freeze Nov 1-7? With mulch obviously. Or should i try to keep them in the greenhouse over winter rootbound as all hell? I have about 15 so i dont want to up pot. What is best for the plants?


Im in the same boat right now, new babies grew fast and i waffled on where to plant my biggest potted one i missed the window.
My plan is to garage them, do some root work while dormant. Will prep the planting sites this early winter and get them in dormant after frost date with nicely loosened roots.

Thanks Reg.

Are you going to cut the excess roots back to the pot?

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Will see when i pull them i think. In the past i have kept most of the potted shape but pulled some of the feeder roots out longer
It worked to save a really badly bound fig a few years ago so i stick with that