Is it too late to spray?

This is the first year my Methley plum and nectaplum have produced fruit. Both trees are loaded (100+ little round green fruits just starting) with fruit and was wondering if its too late to apply a copper spray? Will a single copper spray treatment be enough to get me fruit?

I spray copper for mostly peach leaf curl on peaches. Even if I didn’t spray i would still get fruit. I also use it as a general fungicide when dormant. I doubt it would be useful as your trees are not dormant. Depending on pest pressure in your area, will determine what to spray. Many times the first year pests have yet to find your trees. they will eventually. If brown rot is in your area I would spray Monterrey Fungi Fighter every 21 days (follow label instructions). Many times you don’t see it though the first year. Also insects can attack your fruit and the choices are large from organics to synthetics. Check with your local University or county extension office for what problems you may face. Also do not forget to thin fruit! About one fruit every 8 inches. Everything else needs to come off. If you leave it on branches could break, fruit will be small and resources are split between the fruits, so they may be rather tart as producing sugars takes lot’s of energy. If too many fruits, you ration available resources among each one often resulting in small tasteless fruit.