Is it virus, or late frosts damage?

Is it virus, or late frosts damage? I have similar issue on some roses, this strawberry (picture below), and mulberries, I think it is late frosts caused (minus 4C in middle May) but some roses still not recovered (but others hardy varieties don’t have it and are already flowering).

It is raspberry on this picture:

Looks like herbicide damage.


No herbicides this year, and some (only some) roses have this issue. They opened buds like that in Spring, these leaves were born like that. I have it even with some haskaps. Maybe herbicide last year? I was using last year RoundUp to fight goutweed. Perhaps you are right because I don’t have this issue with potted haskaps.

Glyphosate (roundup, etc) is a foliar herbicide. I wouldn’t expect new leaves emerging this year to be disfigured from it’s application last year. Would be surprised to discover that’s the case at least…

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Thank you, you are absolutely right, I did search at Google Photo and found a lot of similarly looking pics of raspberries, and here is the link to article describing that:

But I am still wondering: this damage because root took chemicals from soil? Or because of accidental spray on leaves? Raspberry on the picture I provided was potted (big fabrics pot), maybe it was accidentally sprayed, I don’t remember.

It is possible to spray in the fall, have the plant store it over winter, and show in the spring. It’s broken down in the soil fairly quickly so I’d suspect you got some on the leaves. Some plants can absord right through the bark to the cambium layer too, though that’s less likely.

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