Is lemon thyme perennial in zone 5

So here is a question. I just bought lemon thyme from Home Depot. Bonnie Plants claims it perennial to zone 5 but online they claim zone 5, zone 4 and zone 6. It appears no one knows how cold hardy this plant is zone wise. Anyone know how cold hardy this plant is actually?


ive got z6 blackberries to survive the winter here buried under the snow. snow cover is a great insulator.


I don’t know about lemon thyme, but regular thyme overwinters for me. I grow it in sandy soil to keep it from staying to moist under the snow.


we get bitter cold here, technically zone 7a but I’m reality zone 6. German thyme and regular have both previously survived (barely!) for me, lemon thyme has not. I planted more this year in a different spot- I think in a more protected little spot, where it is not getting hit by icy wind, with some extra mulch/house foundation near it, it can survive.

I would consider planting it like you would an Arp rosemary; up against something that retains heat and gives it some shelter.

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