Is my Asian Pear dead?


I have a Shinseiki that has developed black spots on the leaves. There are some aphids on the new growth. However, on the whole, the tree has been lagging with respect to a Nijiseiki I purchased at the same time. The spots look like Fabraea, according to a quick Google search. Should I prune back the diseased growth in fall and wait until spring to see what happens? Or should I get a replacement?

Note: These trees are not yet planted, but are in pots.

This late in the yr leaf issues are usually no concern. I wouldn’t prune anything because of the leaf issue. If it’s just the leaves that look bad then it’s no reason to request a replacement.

If the variety will have issues with this going forward that could be another matter. But it would have to be an issue much earlier than October. Leaves usually look bad by October.