Is Spice Zee subject to leaf curl?

My Spice Zee is on Lovell and even though I just planted it a week ago it’s growing great. Was fully dormant but has already put our a lot of closed red leaves and 3 or 4 pink blooms. It had a great root sustem. The pluot I just planted on Citation is barely showing signs of life although its roops were nearmy as nice. Weird how these things work.

I like Lovell for peaches. I will not buy any on citation anymore. They runt out here, or become diseased. Spice Zee, and the pluots do well here on citation, but not peaches. Limited experience, but 2 of 2 died, so Lovell it is!

I have a 12 year old Spice Zee, 2 years in a row I had leaf curl. I sprayed while dormant this year with copper. Barely any leaves showed up, actually looks like half the tree is dead…I loved this fruit. I was just out scraping bark and no green! I’m going to cut it back some, but how far can I go? Any other suggestions.

you can cut anything dead out, if you’re sure it’s dead. probably won’t hurt anything to leave it till you’re sure

copper can work for leaf curl but lime sulfur or a pro fungicide like ziram is better. spray one of those instead next year if you are ok with the additional safety risks (lime sulfur) or different type of environmental damage (pro fungicide)

see Peach (Prunus persica)-Leaf Curl | Pacific Northwest Pest Management Handbooks

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Can a Pluot (75% japanese plum and 25% abricot) be fertilized with pollen of a peach?

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Not to my knowledge. Would likely be pollinated by other pluots or nearby asian plums.

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Yes, it’s possible. I’ve read all of Zaigers patents and some pluots have peach/Nectarine in their parentage.

Ebony punch pluot parentage is:

(Pluot x nectarine) x (pluot x pluot).

Autum magic parentage is:

28MF660 x unknown pollen.

28MF660 has a parentage of Unamed pluots, Flavor Fall pluot, and Spice Zee Nectaplum.

Bella red:

The present new and distinct variety of interspecific tree [Plum, PlumCot, Peachcot, Plumcherry and Apricot] .


Seed parent:
Plum ×(Plum×Plumcot)

Pollen parent:

Spring Flavor:

Seed parent:


Pollen parent:

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I have a unknown Pluot but no pollen from a different Pluot or Japanese plum. So I try some pollen from a peach and hope I can taste some fruit this year.

Do you have Prunus cerasifera or a hybrid nearby? There will probably be some compatibility with some variety of peach, but I would not expect it to be high.

I made some new grafts with Globus and Cott-N Candy. Hope one of them can polinate the Pluot.