Is this a Persimmon runner?

I see several trees pop up around my Matsumato Fuyu, they sort of look like a persimmon tree but without the shiny leaves…leaf looks exactly same but not shiny.

Matsumato is grafted tree and is a prolific producer. Is anyone else seeing runners grow…and it grew about 2-3 ft in one season. Matsumoto is a slow grower.

2nd and 3rd pic is from Fuyu tree. The 1st and 4th picture is of the maybe persimmon tree.

Would also like to add that these persimmon look alikes are about 3-4 ft away from the Fuyu tree

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Persimmon do send up root sprouts. And often far from the tree. The sprout is from the rootstock so usually does look different than the scion variety.


Thank you! Its been in ground for about 5-6 years now and this is the 1st time seeing these runners. If i keep them, will it harm the Fuyu? Should I take it out? Was planning on getting different varities yo graft on


Looks like rootstock to me, which I’d assume is American persimmon (diospyros virginiana) I’ve never had any of mine do that tho but that’s gotta be what it is if I’m guessing. Regardless I’d hack them to the ground if it was me.

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Thank you!

Keeping them won’t harm the Fuyu unless you keep too many too close to the Fuyu.

I’ve dug them out and they usually grow back. Still if you don’t want them cut them off or dig out.


Will dig them out and pot for grafting in spring