Is this blueberry scorch virus?

Instead of showing blury photos or trying to describe it I figured it would just be easier to make a video of it.

0:33 - 1:24 shows something burning / damaging my blueberry plants

Most of these symptoms have persisted for a couple weeks now. The weather a week ago was very wet and rainy, but this week has been very warm and sunny. I have fertilized, but with a slow release fertilizer in moderate amounts.

EDIT: Changed the title and topic of this post as the other diseases have been identified.

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That’s a neat idea Dimitry…the video. I had something similar with my persimmon and after a bit of research I decided it got to be persimmon psylla. Sprayed sevin and oil. It looks to have helped. Google that and see if your symptoms match with psylla damage.

Blue berries… could it actually be sun damage and no disease?

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I had that issue with a couple persimmons last year and found it was mealybugs. Yours could be that or psylla. I treated with neem oil and that worked well.
Not sure with the blueberries or tomatoes, but my blueberries have looked like that before when they went without water for too long. But I doubt that’s the issue with yours since they look well mulched.
I like your set-up, by the way. Everything looks very well protected and taken care of.

@Susu I think you guys are right about it being psylla. I treated the persimmon with Imidacloprid since I wont be harvesting any fruit this year any way.

Thanks! The protection is mostly to keep my two dogs out of the garden, they really like play fighting each other right on top of whatever plant I care the most about. They also like to sample any low hanging fruit but I’ve come to accept it as their payment for keeping squirrels away.


Bumping this post because I’m hoping to identify the blueberry disease.