Is this cherry tree doomed?

This sweet cherry has been in the ground one year on G5 rootstock. Didn’t grow much last year which I hear can be normal. While pruning this last couple weeks, I saw it didn’t look so good. Is this canker or some other issue? If it is doomed, I am going to pull it.

I won’t pull it right now unless you really need that spot. It might make a crop before it dies. That would improve on my record with cherries outdoors. High risk and some would say high reward.

Thanks, Fruitnut. I am going to give it a spray of Kocide 3000 with Nu Film 17. Hopefully a spray of that in the spring and fall will keep the disease repressed.

I have a Montmorency here that has always looked like Hell, but it keeps growing and producing fruit. I’ve sprayed it with everything imaginable and nothing really seems to help other than cutting away damaged tissue.
I’d let it go a bit as fruitnut suggests.

What I see in the picture doesn’t look like canker, there is no dark wood and no oozing. Maybe a critter got to it, or if its on the south side the sun burned it?