Is this Chojuro?

Tag says it’s a Chojuro. But the description says it’s supposed to be golden brown by now. It’s big, fills my palm.

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It could be chojuro but those point leaves look pronouned to me The pear in the background looks almost ripe. It almost looks something like Korean Giant Edible Landscaping Plant Sale: Buy plants online from our garden center and plant nursery but they all look very similar in that stage.

Clark, the pear in the background is Shinseiki. It is coming along nicely and on time. I have these on a 4 in1 tree. Other varieties are Hosui and Kikusui.

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My chojuro are still small but the leaves do not have points on mine like that they are more like this Could just be the photo. Great looking pears!

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I only have one on my tree this year which is currently just over the size of a quarter and the color on mine is like always a golden brown color. It doesn’t look like a chojuro to me but I’m over here in New England.

It doesn’t look anything like Chojuro to me. Along with the skin a Chojuro has a big cavity in the bottom and is flattened-round shape which the pictured pear is not… very low odds of a match I would say.

Thanks guys! Any ideas what this could be then? I got this tree from Peaceful Valley. They usually carry DWN trees but this one had no DWN tags. It actually came as a 5 in 1 but I lost 20th century in an accident.

I have 2 puny Hosui’s on my tree here and they are green with orange dots. Kikusui is one that I don’t grow but F,B&N Inv. book say that they are a green-yellow skin that remains greenish when ripe but it also says that Kikusui has no russet. A mystery…go figure.

Vinod, I suspect we have generally similar ripening dates with mine being a little after yours. My Chojuro is already caramel-colored and your fruit is behind my Hosui, Yoinashi, and Shinko, as well. If I had to guess, I’d say Korean Giant (Atago and Ya Li Niitaka are also a possibility, but I think they are rare enough to be unlikely to be found on a mass-marketed multi-graft). .

If that’s true, I have grafted Korean Giant onto itself :laughing:

I hate it when that happens. Unfortunately, I’m not aware of varieties other than Korean Giant, Atago, and Niitaka that are large, roundish with some mis-shaping, and late (I had Niitaka mixed up with Ya Li in the earlier post–Ya Li is more pendulous). Maybe others recognize it as something else. If it’d be useful, I can add a image of my Chojuro.

Definitely not Chojuro,
I have one that looks a lot like that… deer ate the aluminum labels off the trees on that side of the pond early on… I think it’s either Tsu Li or Dasui Li… can’t recall if Shin Li was also in the mix on that group of pears or not.