Is this Peach tree dead

This peach tree is mostly bare. It is bare but there are a few small leaf’s starting to grow near the top of the tree. I have had this peach tree in a half barrel pot for about 4 years. It is about 9 ft tall. What do you think.

Thanks for your help.

The bark can be scraped a little in several places on the trunk and branches,starting near the top and if green,that means living,at least for now,but if brown,then dead in that area.
I’d probably let the tree grow for this season and see what happens.
That looks really tall and lanky for a Peach. Brady

Peach trees generally grow like weeds. You have a 9’ tall peach tree that barely has leaves (or survive). You did not ask but if it were me, I would ditch it in a heart beat. In the fall, I will spend my time checking nurseries like Vaughn, Cumberland Valley, Cummins, Adam County nurseries for peaches of my dream.

You probably will get peaches from your new trees sooner than trying to keep this one alive. That’s just me.


I did scratch the bark and it is green. Thanks.

Thanks. Your advice makes sense. I will ditch the tree. Thanks again

It looks like it is in the forest. Does it get sun?

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If the potted tree is left outside during the winter it can kill all the roots in the pot. That is if your in area that gets cold. If roots find their way through holes at the bottom of the pot it can help keep the tree alive but most of it will die. Peach trees need direct sunlight too. If they are an understory tree they will be fighting lots of virus and fungus. I would start over in a more sunny spot as mamuang says. If you can find a sunny spot it will thrive and grow fast.

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It does get some sun and it was full of peaches last year.

It has been left outside in a pot for about 4 years. It was not cold winter here in Virginia. I am not sure what happened. I appreciate the advice.

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