Is this plant a toast?

Literally I mean :disappointed:
I ordered this flowering quince from Rolling River Nursery / Planting Justice because they promised that they send the plants potted and they have no problem with summer heat sending this way. Yeah, right… May be, if you pack it properly. I received it in cardboard box with completely dry soil all over the box, but not in the pot. And no even slight insulation to keep temperature down in the hottest hours while on the truck. I did receive life plants before around same summer time, and never had an issue with it. They just didn’t do proper packing. And now they do not pick up the phone. So I guess I am left with toasted quince for $27.
Any idea if it has any chance to survive? The leaves are actually all dry, even those that look pale green, not yellow. I put it for now in a jar of water. But really not sure what to do else…

The stems are actually alive, scratch test shows green. What would be the best condition for it to wait to see if it get back to life? How long it is safe to keep it in the water? Should I plant it in a pot and keep inside to avoid heat or plant directly in the garden? Should I prune it and how short?

I would pot it up and put it in indirect sun.

Try sending them an email with a picture.

I have always gotten good plants from Rolling River, they seem like a good outfit and should make your order right. This year I got some jujubes from them, I was not completely happy as they were 1/3rd the size of the plant I got from Just Fruits for the same price, but they were healthy.

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Thanks Scott, did exactly what you suggested. Also trimmed tops a little bit. They moved this year, so my order was delayed because of that. May be they used inexperienced people to help them with orders… I sent email, waiting for a response.