ISO Jujube Scions for Coming Season

My jujube collection has been neglected. So here I come.

The tops of 5 of my jujube trees have died for various reasons from deer damage to graft failure etc. I believe the rootstocks are strong enough for grafting. All of them have multiple trunks for grafting. I also have a lot of offsets from the roots. But I’m not sure if those are strong enough. I can use from 10 to 20 scions.

So if anyone has any scion wood that is available this dormant season, I’d appreciate. Almost any named varieties would be fine.

I know this is only the summer season. But I just like to line up some of the contacts and make some arrangement.

If you like anything back, I should have a lot of small jujube rootstock plants and mature grape (table and wine) plants. Also some rooted hardy fig cuttings (local unnamed varieties) to give away.

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