Ison's nursery has pomegranate plants

I received an email from Ison’s nursery this evening stating that pomegranate plants are available while they last. It looks like they have 10 varieties available per their website.


They have had them for a while now. I bought one from them last year. They are a little pricey for a one foot tree. They are grown in pots though, so they have great roots.

They had 2 varieties last year and they had 5 varieties 2 months ago of which several were sold out. Now they have 10 varieties and all are in stock. Yes, a bit pricey, but I will call Greg Ison and he will give me a special discount. :slight_smile: It helps that I knew his dad.

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They had several of the regulars and about five of the “cold hardy” ones when I ordered. I was disappointed by the size, but the plant itself did well. I bought the Sur Anor.

Cheaper and tons of varieties. Highly recommend based on my prior orders :+1:



I ordered 3 from Fruitwood last year. Good value for the price.

Did they fruit for you? I bought plants from these people awhile ago (it was back when they still owned the Rolling River nursery) and got many mislabeled varieties.