Issues for multi fruit orchards


As my orchard matures and the varieties become stabilized and set, I move to the following consideration and wonder how others deal with the following:

Having different types of fruits having all different harvest times and for those of us who have a dense planting scenario, how do we deal with the differerent PHI for different chems that might need to be applied to some trees real close to when their companions will start being harvested?

My harvest season starts in the end of June (in the one year on six years that I get apricots :worried::worried::worried:) all the way to my late November apples.


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Problem avoidance is preferrable to problem solving…but I suppose it’s a little late already.

I do limited spraying, so typically it’s not a big problem. But, I think I’d
check the label for the amount of time before a sprayed fruit can be consumed…and let that influence my decision to spray near a tree I plan to harvest soon. (And if it’s labeled for apples, but I’m afraid it might drift onto pears that aren’t labeled…I don’t think I’d lose 3 seconds of sleep over that.)