It won't be long now

When the buds start breaking I get excited. My Orient pear and one variety of crab-apple appear to be the first to wake up.

My plum and some peach flower buds are showing color on the tips. Just starting to open. Hoping that we don’t have a late freeze. Temps for the next 10 days are supposed to stay above freezing. Fingers crossed.

I saw this short thread from last spring and couldn’t help bumping it. I am already looking forward to spring!

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Love that you can see the “spring is coming” glass as “half full” in November

sunny optimism, and i like it! Considering that it could also be seen as ~a quarter full-- and not 3 quarters empty.
all i could do meanwhile is load the jpeg’s shot during spring and summer(of trees and other greens), onto a usb drive and run a slideshow on the widescreen tv and play over and over, in eager anticip-------------ation, lol.


Well… somewhere in the world spring is turning to summer.

Wish I could commute. :disappointed:


the aussies, the kiwis, argentines, chileans, and so africans are now wearing flipflops and taking selfies with the fruits(literally) of their labor

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That would be fun, two springs per year! Oh well, I think that you need winter to really appreciate spring.

I’m ready to be done with winter after 2 days of wintry weather, which doesn’t usually really get underway here until January. By the end of January’s first week, I’m already counting down the days to Ground Hog Day. From then on I wind up looking for every little sign of reawakening and desperately hoping that spring like days will settle in and stay.

Right now, it’s actually a beautiful and colorful fall with the leaves changing here. Half the time it’s perfect weather for working hard outdoors. The other half would be perfect if I were a kid with new rain boots, paper boats for floating in the yard, and a penchant for making mud pies in the gardens.

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I despise the winter. Hate it with a passion. Only good thing about winter is it kills all the bugs (or drives them underground, etc). No mosquitos here in Feb!