It's a war!

Civilians must take cover!


Those covers look great. You don’t have to worry about spraying pesticide. If you do not have brown rot on your stone fruit, that would be even better. You’d be all set. When I cover my cherry trees, I had to sprayed for brown rot, a bit cumbersome.

Oh Galina I love all your garden structures. I have learned that it is better to anticipate your enemy than to discover their offenses.



What type of net is that??


Different types, some are tulle( pictures 1,3,5,8,12 top ), some Agribon ( picture 6 ), and the rest is this:

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I covered North Star last year with more dense material (agribon) and I didn’t have any brown rot, but to tell the truth I only had about 2 cups of cherry despite full bloom. If it will repeat this year, I guess I will use this cover on something else next year and shovel prune the cherry. I have more hope for my romance cherries on the back(only one was flowering this year though)

To my chery trees’ brown rot started showing up in year 4 and has gottenincreasingly worse. Last year, I sprayed Indar once, it worked.

All of your netting looks great. I net too, as you have seen in the past. I also spray right through it! Works just fine! My biggest enemy are squirrels.

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