It's a Wonderful time of the year!

And they are coming in fast and furious…Any pom recipes people want to share?


love them just like that! I’m jealous! never ate a fresh one.

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Oh, I’ve been picking away at the loose ones as well lol. This tree has been growing like crazy from an 18" box seedling just 4 years ago to a monster about 8’ tall and 6’ wide. Will need a serious prune this winter. They love a middle east type climate, for sure.

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do they fully ripen on the tree or you have to counter ripen like a pear? last year was the 1st time we got some that were fully ripened when they got here. most times the seeds aren’t fully colored. these were awesome!

They ripen only on the tree. You have to monitor them very carefully this time of year as once they get close to ripening they really start to split fast. Ideally I should ha e caught these a few days early. Once they take on a metallic sound when you tap them with your fingernail.

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