It's Always Something!

I was glad it rained. I’m still glad it rained. We don’t usually get any the middle of June.

But the rain came with wind, which felt really good at the time. I thought I’d need to spray my peaches tomorrow. But that’s less necessary now.

There was a tall top heavy tree that. . . .

took care of most of the peaches as well as 2 1/3 of the three mature peach trees. :dizzy_face: Even the tree that wasn’t crushed had a lot of peaches knocked off as the falling tree went through its branches.

Take a close look at the first pic. You can see that at some point someone cut straight through most of roots on the side that uprooted.

Back in January when I thought there was a good chance I’d lose all my fruit for the year, this was not the way I’d imagined it. :smile:

Oh, well. Once this mess is cleaned up, at least I won’t have to worry about how to get rid of that tall ugly tree. Maybe I’ll plant a pear tree in its place next year! I was going to need to replace at least one of the peach trees in the near future. This may have helped speed that process along.

Sorry about that!! I guess it is always something.

You just can’t prepare for everything. Maybe it will look better when you get it cleaned up.

I’m really okay with it. Just temporarily disappointed. Somehow I’ll find ways to turn this into opportunities.


So sorry, Muddy.
What a year, weather-wise, this year for us, backyard orchardists.

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I’m with you, mamuang. You’d think if trees were going to uproot around here, they would have done it during that 9,000 year flood we had in the fall. Mine seem to be as contrary as I am and wait for a measly half inch of rain!

Now another storm is trying to roll in. I guess it’s a day of extremes. I had a lot of trees and plants develop sunburned leaves between yesterday and today.

For the past week, it has been so windy, mostly 15-20 mph, tough to spray. It has been cool like in the fall (50’s) for the past few days. Just odd.

We’ve been tickling 100. I don’t think we’ve quite hit it. The sun has been very strong, especially around the pool area where there is also a lot of reflected light. That’s where my tropicals and citrus are. They’re the ones showing the signs of sunburn on their leaves.

My daughter told me she saw a lot of newly fallen limbs in our wooded area when she came home. I’ll have to look at those tomorrow. As long as they didn’t land on my young pecans, then it’s just a good trimming provided by nature.

sorry this tree topped at this time of the year with fruit loaded。It must be a heck of the storm. You don’t need to chop it down to clear the area and put a new tree there. In no time, you will have a beautiful new tree.

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Oh Muddy, that’s just terrible. I’m so sorry you lost your lovely peach trees. And I say for sure replace it with a pear. It’s been a tough year for some of the folks on this forum.

Patty S.

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Thank you, Annie. We do need to cut up the tall tree that fell on top of the peach trees. The bottom part, next to where the roots are, is lying across my Someone’s tomato garden. The tomatoes are okay. They just need to have new poles put up and tied back up. The top part of the big tree with its branches crushed and broke my peach trees when it landed on them.

Now that it is over, I think it is very funny that my Someone came in and said we had work to do cleaning up his tomato garden tomorrow because a tree knocked them down. He didn’t even notice the peach trees it had crushed, only that his tomatoes were knocked down. :smile:


Thanks, Patty. I think it’s sort of perversely humorous that I mourned my loss of fruit in January, recently thought I was in the clear for peaches, apples, and figs, and then this happened just as the yellow one (my favorite) was ripe. :smile: Who knows, maybe there are freak surprises in store for the figs and apples! It’s an interesting year; I’ll say that for it.

I can’t think of a better person for things like this to happen to. After a two minute rant, I was relieved that no one was severely injured, and started seeing humor in the situation. Better to have it happen to me than to someone who would feel as crushed as the trees.

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Muddy, so sorry to see that picture. And your peaches were looking great! Be hopeful, maybe it will look a little better when the fallen tree is chipped up, when you can contemplate saving a possible survivor, replacing peaches, or a whole new fruit.

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Sorry for your loss, Muddy.

One thing we learned after the flooding here a few years ago, the tree damage can be delayed for a year or so. Seems the wet kills off and/or loosens some of the roots, but it is not until some time later that the tree falls, often in a big wind event.

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Oh Muddy, just the though of those trees, let alone the pictures just make me ill. I can imagine how you feel. That is so too bad, sorry for the very bad luck.

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Thank you @Steve333 and @mrsg47 .

Steve, the same things happens when cutting too many scattered trees in a wooded area. Those many tree roots have been providing support for one another. When critical ones rot away after some of the trees are removed, others can fall from loss of support. I don’t think this was from our flooding because that tree was at the top of a hill where it drains quickly and doesn’t flood. The majority of roots on one side had obviously been intentionally severed by someone who considered them in the way.

MrsG, thanks. One reason I don’t feel bad is because I know I’ve got the support of members like you here. :blush: I feel the pain whenever something damaging happens to any of you. In return, I find that I can shrug this off and move on because I understand that unexpected crud happens to others. That has helped me look forward instead of dwelling on the loss.

Maybe posting those pics will help someone else to better cope with a future surprise fruit or fruit tree loss.

On the flip side, Ive become very good at vicariously enjoying other people’s harvests. I’ve got a whole season of that kind of enjoyment still ahead. :slight_smile:


Muddy it will get better, it just has to. I still get upset when I see a stump of an old apricot tree in my orchard. I left it there just to remind me of the frailty of it all.


If you find who cut the roots, maybe you could sue them for the damage?

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I love your thought of turning this “unfortunate” event into opportunities. I’m sure I would love to plant a few more fruit trees where the old stump once was! At least, when it happened, only the tomatoes got hurt…

A condolence and a congrat! Hmm, which one that you prefer to hear first? :grin:


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