It's Finally Raining in California!


It’s cold, windy, and rainy here in the High Desert.



Here in Vista, CA the rain forecast for yesterday fizzled into 0.05 inches, but today we received the Sunday Surprise with almost an inch and counting!


Warm 77f and dry up here in the North. 83F and dry tomorrow


Looked the same in RI the past two days. The sun finally came out this afternoon!


Big trough in the day 8-10 out west…enjoy it! Pushes the ridging to the mid section of the country…thong weather over here.


What model is that?


Check the thumbnail…ECMWF aka Euro


And we’re looking forward to it. My new plantings will actually thrive in 70f rather than the 90’s of last week :slight_smile:


I hauled 8 yards of mulch to my sloped backyard this weekend. Now if only we get a bit of rain to settle the sawdust/dry fungi!



Here are some photos in parts of California before and after the rains came this year. Brady


That’s how it was several weeks ago. The grasses in those hills are now brown. As @bleedingdirt so aptly stated last year: “In California we grow straw, not grass.”


Despite the anomalous 1.25" we received last weekend, it has been dry (not hot) and breezy for the last 5-6 days and the soil moisture has dropped to about 2 inches below surface. Consequently, today was a watering day!


Did you just water a Pom after receiving 1.25" of rain a week ago? :slight_smile:


Yes. The top 2.5" of soil within the ring was dry. Can’t wait to put mulch in the basins and begin watering less frequently.


The tables are about to turn my friends…its been nice enjoying your weather…time to close the windows back up and get the light jackets back out. Phoenix back into the 100Fs…

Day 7…


The PNW is finally going to get some heat and we will probably think it’s too much. Brady


We got a severe storm last night but thank goodness but no major hail damage. Fremont is small town about 45 minutes away got nailed with baseball size hail in certain area. I have heard this system is slowly moving East. Look out.



And a major cool down during the first week of June, according to the GFS.