It's Going to Rain Tonight and Tomorrow

It’s going to rain tonight so I picked the last half of my PF24C tree, and all of my pluots.

Here’s the PF24C:

I just have a few pluot grafts. These things take forever to ripen up. I figured they would crack in the rain, so I picked them all. Splash, Geo Pride, Dapple Dandy and Flavor King.

Here is Geo Pride, 18 brix, still very firm, seems a little under ripe:

Here is Dapple Dandy, 18 brix, a little softer, but still seems a little under ripe:

Here is Flavor King. This one fruit is the entire crop, and this is the first one I have ever tried. It picked itself today. Brix is 19. It seemed perfect. All I can say is WOW - now I see what all of the hype is about!


Your Dapple Dandy is definitely not ripe yet, should be very dark red when ripe. GeoPride is also a little under ripe. Flavor King looks perfect :blush:. I actually have similar observation to you, pluots take long time to ripen (after coloring up), perhaps they need hot whether to ripen more quickly, which we don’t have in September…


so how the wilson taste? :grinning:


Extra chewy and fuzzy… I bet.

@SpokanePeach awesome harvest… beautiful fruit.

Our walmart has been having some plumcots that look similar to your next to last pic. Some are really good and some are overripe and bland.

Wish I could grow those… with no spray.


Only one member of the family knows, and she’s not talking. Although, she is kind enough to allow me to use her ball in my photos :grinning:


cocker? my son had one with the same marks on his face.

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Itsy is a French Brittany. She’s 99% family pet and 1% hunting partner. We don’t get out hunting as much as she would like…


i had a American Brit. about 20 yrs ago. never could train her for birds as she would run 200 yrds. in front of me spooking them up. that dog loved to run! what kinds of gamebirds you guys have out there?

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Washington state has a terrific variety of upland birds and waterfowl. We hunt upland. On this side of the state, we have Ruffed Grouse, Spruce Grouse, Blue Grouse, California Quail, Grey Partridge, Chukar Partridge and Pheasant - although pheasant here is nothing like it is in the midwest. Our passion is hunting chukar on the canyons of the Snake and Columbia rivers.


never realized you guys had so many gamebirds there. we have the ruffed and spruce grouse here but the spruce is endangered and protected. i got 4 ruffed this morning and saw 6. used to hunt mearns, scaled, and gambels quail when i was stationed in s. NM. they were plentiful and fun to hunt. there were sage grouse in the high plains there but we never came across any.

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