It's June!

OK not really June but my Santa Rosa Plum thinks it is. It’s only been a year+ since I truly caught the fruit tree bug, but I planted this Santa Rosa plum when we moved in about 7 years ago. Santa Rosa isn’t supposed to grow well in this area but no one told this tree. After getting few plums in 2014 due to high winds during the bloom period, this tree set about 300 fruit this year, which was thinned to about 125. So after all that it bloomed with about ten flowers last month and set 8 more fruit. I pulled off all but one just to see what it would do. It’s on the small size but managed to color up – much to my surprise. I’m sure the quality would be awful but it’s been entertaining for me. Low chill provides both opportunities and challenges – but I just don’t get as excited about the citrus we grow.

This is my first post and wanted to thank the community members here – I truly enjoy reading what all of you are up to.


Great to have you joining the crowd. It is a good place to hang out and learn about your hobby. Bill

With picture (hopefully)


FWIW, I picked and ate the late season SR Plum – was definitely more on the tart size, but still good!