J. Plums and Pluots are starting to wake up

It’s about a month earlier than usual for my location here in northern CA. They did the same thing last year, only last year it was in the mid 70’s and dry. This year has been wet and rainy. It’s supposed to be dry for about the next week, hopefully I can get out and do some spraying and a little grafting.

Here is a picture of Flavor Supreme buds


Yep, those are definitely waking up. Just look at all those potential fruitlets!

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It could be worse
It’s about two month earlier than usual for my location here in The Netherlands
on average, early in March! Never seen this before

FK seedling

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When on average are you free from damaging freezes? Blooming in Dec is a very bad plan in all but the most freeze free climates.

Starting to see bud swell here. but nothing like the pics above.

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About half of May, that’s the play of the game…