J. Plums vs. Pluots


A 12oz. Coke contains 6 teaspoons of sugar. No wonder kids are
so hyper. If you’re prone to headaches, reducing your salt intake
will do wonders. I had my physical yesterday, as you can probably tell.


I gave it up in 2000 after a rather large dental bill. Since then i can count on one hand how many times i drink soda in a year…and that is usually mixed in with rum. I also despise candy and also gave up chocolate. My kids hide their candy from me because they know where it goes when i find it (garbage). If their going to eat sweets, eat frozen mangoes, strawberries, raspberries or something that has actual nutrition to it, not just sugar. I try to get them to eat plenty of fish/proteins although the two boys love their bread—which i’m a snob…i only buy locally made san fran sourdough (its the best bread ever made…and its made the same day i buy it). Any other bread is not allowed in our house :slight_smile:


Don’t you think the smaller size of the fruit has much more to do with
the water deficit than the size of the root stock. I grow pears on both standard
and semi-dwarfing root stock, and both trees yield the same size fruit, and they get the same amount of rain


I mostly gave up soft drinks years ago,but will occasionally have a root beer.Processed fruit juice is what goes into my shopping cart though.
A friend once went on a weight loss program and they had the participants use a little juice in water,if they wanted to drink it.I didn’t think the flavor was going to good,but tried that way and now won’t ever use full strength.I mix it at least 3:1,almost tastes like syrup otherwise. Brady


The smaller root was Krymsk 1. It gives smaller fruit than Citation the other root. Water deficit can reduce fruit size as well. Despite that I’ve grown many 4 inch nectarines and half pound Flavor King pluots. Whereas I believe Scott says all his nectarines are small.


I am recently getting somewhat bigger nectarines now that I have some varieties not getting any spotting. Summer Beaut and Sunglo gave me decent-sized fruits this last summer. They are still smaller than your average peach, but getting out of the golf ball size at least. Maybe when those trees get bigger I will get up to tennis ball sized fruit from them.


Were those 4 inch nectarines and 1/2 lb FK’s on K1 ?


I have two nectarines one on Citation, one on Lovell. Both were bigger than my two peach tree fruits.


Drew, It’s usually the reverse. That’s as big as any peach I’ve ever grown.


No those were on Citation. These are Arctic Snow it’s large but not as big as Arctic Jay. These three are almost 12 inches side by side and 1400 g or just over 3 lbs. All compared to Honey Jar jujube that matured at same time, early Sept.


I hope my Double Delight on citation gives me fruit like that.


With fruit the biggest examples of any variety were usually grown on a tree with excessive vigor. That usually means lesser brix and flavor. Those Arctic Snow were on the same tree as Arctic Jay. The fruits were huge and very good as well.


Don’t you have DD on citation too, and wasn’t it giving you problems?


Only issue was the fruit was good but not great.


Yeah, people look at me crazy when I put 3 teaspoons of sugar in my 20oz tea, meanwhile they drink 2 or 3 glasses of Coke during the day.


While this thread is going what do yall think of either Bruce or Morrison plum? Both seem pretty widely available in Texas.


Lots of positive talk about Emerald Beaut here. I’ve eaten a few light skinned plums over the years and for one reason or another never really cared for them. No clue what the varieties were. If Emerald Beaut is that great I might have to look into one just to add more color variety to the orchard. My combo pluot has FQ on it but I’ve not heard good about it.

Also, anyone that is growing Splash and Geo Pride how do they stack up?


Use honey. I add it to my Green Tea…especially if i have a cough. Works better then any cough drop. Mint teas are also excellent.

Splash- My kids loved it. I think that was one i may have sent o my wife’s work and they really enjoyed it…even more so then some of the other pluots they tried. Geo Pride is awesome. The good thing is that these are early (up here early is August/late Aug) vs the FK/DD. Splash has a very long ripening time. I think we were eating those over a number of weeks and they just got sweeter. Emerald Beaut would ripen here around Thanksgiving.

I’m ordering a brix meter for this summer.


Bruce plum has good disease resistance but according to Extension specialist Tom LeRoy the fruit is barely edible. Morris is rated as fair to good. If you have another for pollination, I would try and find AU Rubrum. It is suppose to have good disease resistance and good flavor. I have planted Au Rubrum and Mariposa and should get fruit off of them this year. They are harder to find but I think they are a much better choice than either Bruce or Morris.


I’ve been growing Rubrum for years and it’s the best plum I grow.
It isn’t hard to find ;Cumberland Valley sells it.