J. Plums vs. Pluots


Thanks Gary and Rayrose. Nice to hear reports


Interesting subject!

I have no clue that there’s distinctive textures and flavors between these fruits.

For the very first time last year, I have no plum but 3 wormed FS pluots so nothing for me to judge against. I wish I had something to contribute in this conversation but I’ve definitely learned quite a bit from it, contributed by this forum experts.

Emerald Beaut will be on the list for my grafting project. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.



Wildscaper, Legg Creek Farms in Texas has Rubrum also, but have a minimum order of $100. Most trees are about $10 with free shipping for Texas residents.


Can I graft a Pluot onto a Santa Rosa? what can I graft Pluots to?


Absolutely. You can graft pluots to plum, apricot, and even peaches I think.


I’ve got pluot grafted to apricot… i’m not sure yet on peach compatibility…


Awesome, Can anybody recommend me a Japanese Plum that they love. I want to graft a bunch of stuff to my santa rosa. I’m in the Hudson Valley NY


There are numerous good Japanese plums but the one that is most raved about is emerald beaut. It’s a late season plum that is high Brix and hangs forever on the tree. Beauty is another that everyone seams to love and Satsuma is another great one with a complex flavor profile and good pollinator.


‘Burgundy’ is a great plum here in So Cal. The best of the best.


I would never go without Flavor Supreme. Excellent and early.


Just consider pluots J. plums because, for all practical purposes, that is what they are. I’ve yet to taste one that had any apricot characteristic I can decipher- their main characteristic is higher sugar so they can be picked firm. How does this resemble an apricot?

I believe any J. plum in bloom at the same time will pollinate any pluot and any rootstock or scion that is compatible with J. plums will be compatible with pluots.


Alan, thanks for the Early Magic, scion and the tutorial. I grafted it yesterday, seemed to go vey well, I believe it will be a success. My first ever graft. Now I’m thoroughly addicted


You are welcome, Sean. Incidentally, if you point the cursor at my symbol you can send me private messages on this forum.


Pluots are patented interspecific plums, as a result, a point of departure from Japanese plums is that you need to know their patent status if you want to propagate them. A quick glance at the DWN’s plum catalog for home gardens shows there is only one patented variety and it is off patent. I can’t speak to commercial plum varieties.


I believe the reason so many pluots are on patent is only because they are a relatively new development. There are probably more plums still on patent just because more of them are released from breeding programs.


The first pluots are now off patent. Like Flavor King, Supreme etc. Arctic Jay is off Patent next year.




Flavor Queen, Dapple Dandy, Flavor King, and Flavor Supreme pluors are off patent, including Flavorella plumcot and Flavor Delight Aprium.



I agree that I don’t taste any apricot in pluots, but the texture of some is different than any Japanese plum I’ve had. My biggest beef with Japanese Plums is that, by the time they are ripe, the insides are drippy and squishy.

Some pluots are meaty and/or crisp, even an very high brix. If there are Japanese plums like that, please name the varieties.


‘Burgundy’ stays pretty meaty here.