Bob and all,

Can you describe the taste? Can it start from seed?



From the P. cauliflora and P. coronata I’ve tasted, I would say Plum x Banana.

Yes, although some take a decade or more to fruit. Plants can be obtained from http://www.flyingfoxfruits.com.


Very refreshing, can’t stop eating. Does have a good size seed would not eat that.


It seems like a free for all in the world of plant taxonomy - so many contradicting claims floating around and it seems nobody has the authority to decide who’s right. However, I can decide who to trust based on observations of my own plants.

I have several different varieties of Plinia cauliflora (Ponhema, Paulista and Açu Paulista) and Plinia jaboticaba (Sabara and Cascuda) and the leaves and growth habit are clearly different. I can see why Harry Lorenzi and co. decided to split them into different species. Take a look at the pages in his book for each species:


By the way, the best tasting Jaboticaba that I have tasted is Plinia edulis, known commonly as Cambuca. More people should be growing it!

The amazing Frankie’s Nursery just outside of Honolulu has big fruiting trees and if you’re lucky enough as I was you might find the fruit for sale at the nursery. As you can see in the pictures, it looks more like an apricot than a Jaboticaba. Amazingly, this species is said to be rare even in Brazil and is threatened in the wild. You can buy Cambuca seedlings on eBay right now from a nursery on Oahu that probably gets seeds from Frankie. I’d recommend it! In two years my trees have shown to be easily hardy in zone 9b.


Happily, the edulis nomen is used for the best tasting species! I haven’t tried them – thanks for the pointer. :slightly_smiling_face:

How does it compare in size and taste to Plinia coronata?

I’ll trust results of sequencing.


I am not that familiar with the different varieties you shows, all i know is this one i bought from Adam’s. He told me that this one is the best for my area. He is my go to, i trust him.


I haven’t tasted Plinia coronata - I do know they can get a bit larger than most Jabo fruit you’ll find, but Cambuca is significantly larger.


Halved, it looks similar to apricot!


Indeed, it’s weird to imagine that a fruit that earns the “edulis” moniker would become forgotten in its homeland. If you go on Brazilian YouTube you will find some videos of the famous collector Helton and his gorgeous and huge Cambuca tree, talking about how he wants to reestablish its popularity in the country.


Is Cambuca evergreen at your location?


Yes and no - like many Plinias the leaves get ugly in winter and begin to drop off in spring/summer when the next flush of growth emerges. In your location that might not happen, or at least not as severely.


Hummingbird approved


An online seller that knows that kind of detail is a blessing.

Found it.

Frutas no Brasil : nativas e exóticas (de consumo in natura)
Harri Lorenzi, Marco Túlio Côrtes de Lacerda, Luis Benedito Bacher.
Nova Odessa, SP, Brasil : Instituto Plantarum de Estudos da Flora Ldta, [2015]




Way to go! Now only 10 more years to wait for fruit :slight_smile:


I hope it ships within the next 10 years … :unamused:


Red Jabo’s yield much quicker, i believe the one i am growing had fruit the third year.
The fruits today are already turning color.


I’ve ordered from them many times. Won’t be too long. They always send very healthy (but small) plants.


Thanks aap. This Brazilian grapes taste very good. Unique!!! Some were fermented due to the heat and got me a little Buzz!!!