Japanese Beetle Control

Everyone interesting in controlling and ending there Japanese Beetle problems. Now is the time of year to spread Milky Spore disease. It does not kill adults but it does turn there grubs which are now in the ground eating your roots into milky spore murder factories. Spread it now while its still warm.



Doesn’t ship to Canada, but I’ll see if I can find some in the plant shop near me. Is it safe to put on the ground with vegetables growing?
Japanese beetles are the bane of my existence, however the only real way to control them would be to get everyone in my entire neighbourhood to use something like this. Pretty sure every Japanese beetle within a 2 mile radius comes to my yard due to all my yummy leaves.

perfectly safe its not toxic to people and the beetles will be laying there eggs near buy for sure. Given the right environment the spores could spread to your neighbors since the infected grubs go on to infect the next generation one treatment can last for years.

I second this recommendation - we had terrible problems with Japanese Beetles (and moles) a few years ago. Spread the exact product pictured above and now see very few beetles and very little mole damage. It was a time consuming process but very effective.

I made a couple of those garbage can traps with the pherome lures on them. They have been very effective just outside of my orchard and garden.

That milky spore stops moles as well?
Covering my grapevine so it didn’t get rain or dew on the leaves seems to have stopped most of the beetle damage.

Milky Spore killed the moles food supply not the moles. The moles would have moved to better hunting grounds.

@northwoodswis4 thats great for the adults but the spores are about long term population control wiping out the next generations.