Jazz Apple


So I haven’t paid much attention to club apples. I know that only members of the “club” can grow them currently, will it remain that way in perpetuity?


It rots on the tree. That should not be an issue for you, its very location-dependent. Southeastern climates are very hard on many apple varieties, probably more than half rot too much for me.


Thanks, I hadn’t even considered location. I feel really fortunate that I don’t have the rot problems so many in the East have. I do really well with apples, pears and plums. Peaches and sweet cherries don’t do well, may be to cold or I don’t have the right variety.
And, I also really like Jazz apples, I have a seedling that is 4 or 5 years old. I need to do better about its care. Not in a good area and it needs a good trim.


I bought a bag of Pink Lady apples this time, as well as another bag of Jazz. The P.L. do not compare to the Jazz. I need to try P.L. from another vendor I think. The Jazz are just as good as the bag I bought last week. I really like these apples.


I grew up on Fruit Loops, it’s probably why I like Jazz. I try to avoid cereals these days though.