Jealousy (plant ordering rant)

I hate searching for a plant and the only sources which come up are foreign and there really doesn’t exist a good way (that is easy for retailers) to expedite such purchases.

What prompted this post? I am on something of a chilean guava kick and there is pretty much only 1 named, “improved” variety. Ka-Pow chilean guava (what a name) and when looking for sources I found an online nursery even offering a sale on these plants.

I know the process for buying plants, the whole phytosanitary certificate and all (heck I had the USDA contact me about a plant I never received, thankfully I was able to prove I had never received it) I remember going to Canada years back and some of the nurseries there had the ability to print out such a certificate on the spot. Also, being so close to the Canadian border here many of our locally available bedding plants have “grown in Canada” on the pots or tags…

Sorry, just ranting here (Suttons also had a finger lime on special right now and mine still hasn’t pushed any growth above what I believe is the graft point.



I had three and the most vigorous (and only survivor)is the varigated variety Flambeau. I think i got it from one green world and they are out of stock but bay flora looks like they have it.

I feel your pain. I hate going abroad and tasting a yummy fruit variety that I either can’t identify or acquire back home. My friends hate going on vacation with me because they know I’ll specifically search out fruit vendors.


Thank you, but I have a couple.

This particular variety is supposed to be larger fruiting/heavier fruiting and it is also supposed to fruit at a younger age.

@PharmerDrewee My wife is the same way. Her first question each time is, “so are you going to be growing these as well?” Thankfully she is pretty much a fan of my fruit obsession.


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If the Ka-Pow is fairly easy to obtain,I’d like to try growing one.My plant is putting out small

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For me, something I really want is so close but just out of reach. We aren’t allowed to grow or cultivate currants in Maine, and my favorite wine/mead recipes all have black currant. I will still have to use juice concentrate even after I grow all the rest of the berries in the mix. Unless someone can point me towards an area to forage them in southern Maine lol.