Jerry Lehman has passed

In his honor, a few of the threads that revolved around him:

Persimmon Recommendations

Orchard Tours (lots of pictures)


If you search his name in this forum, you’ll find his varieties in just about any list of top persimmons and pawpaws.


INFGA is combining the collective information and the collectors information as well as Growers like my self to put together a mass of information to draw from

So with the collection that we have and anyone that will add to the knowledge that many will benefit from over the life time of Jerry’s work

With that said I have Many but not all of his creations and He did breed up till 2017 and it will be about 10 year before those trees come on line and produce

No I do not know whom will take care of the Orchard I just Know that NAFEX and the INFGA will be heavily involved

and that is the Just of the information that I have at this time

Thank you

Cliff England


Wow, a guy specializing in Persimmons and Paw Paws…my kinda hero! RIP!

I was wondering if that was you Cliff. At least we now know where to find some of Jerry’s greatest creations already attached to roots.

I find grafting persimmons challenging, although paw-paws are reasonably successful for me.

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Alan YES It is I Cliff England and I am very busy and trying to propagate as much of Jerry’s Plant material as possible He was telling me a few weeks before the incident that he thought Dr. Kazas a persimmon that he named after a Russian Horticultural Professor was his latest Development and He believed it to be the next link in the hybrid N/A American D. VIR persimmon while not very astringent to start with and not a huge fruit but one assured me that he was on the right path to having a N/A American persimmon

The parents was lost with Jerry and the and I do have one trees of the Dr. Kazas but still in a container till fall

But time will tell but Jerry and I was closer than any other Non Soldier and He was a soldier in the Korean War so I guess we had bonded many times over

I miss him every day