JF&E is for sale

Saw this in an industry magazine today. Anyone have a million bucks?

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:open_mouth: Now I wonder if that is the real reason they haven’t seemed to have replenished any stock for spring. Hmmmm

I visited there last summer while on vacation. Very nice place. All the plants looked great and really nice sized. Customer service was also very good. The place seemed kind of in the middle of nowhere.

I wonder if they’ll close if no one picks them up.

That seems like a very reasonable price to me for an 8 acre nursery with their excellent reputation. But then I haven’t seen the place and have no idea of their financial results. The later largely determines business value. Land values there may be cheap.

Relative to much of the country, they are.

I wonder why the ad has the location between Houston and San Antonio?Are those the two streets? Brady

That’s the ad above theirs. There is a line before JF&E’s ad.

Lazy S’s Nursery has been for sale for a while. Great mail order nursery, just not much in the way of edibles.


I talked to Ted, one of the owners, this morning. He says the reason they have it up for sale is that owning and running the place consumes their time all day, every day. They’d like to free themselves up to enjoy doing other things in their lifetime. They aren’t ancient, but no longer young, and have no ‘next generation’ in the family to get involved and take over running the business. He said they don’t expect a quick sale, that it may take several years, and that they’ve had it on the market for a year now. They are hoping to sell to someone who is actually interested in the business and maintaining its reputation.

As for reputation . . . I called because I made my most recent purchase from them by phone, and had someone pick it up for me. The someone was one of my sisters who, along with her hubby, surprised me by driving up here to deliver the whole load instead of waiting for me to visit and bring it back myself. One of the items I’d purchased was an apple banana. Their store tag on top said “ICE CREAM BANANA - musa manzano”, and the grower’s stick tag in the soil said Rajapuri. There’s nothing wrong with Rajapuri, it’s just not what I’d ordered. When I told him, Ted immediately said he’d go find a good Apple Banana and ship it to me, that it would probably be done in time to go out the same day. He also said that he’d correct the data base to get rid of the musa manzano under the Ice Creams. I have one of their blue javas with that same tag, but the grower tag has the correct name.

Their service remains friendly and customer oriented.