Jujube in zone 5


If you bought it from TyTy you’re lucky it was even a jujube.


Not sure what jujube varieties you tried. Honey Jar and Sugar Cane do not taste astringent even when they just turn a tad of brown.

In fact, sometimes, when they are totally brown, they lose crunchy but gain sweetness. I prefer more crunch so I usually eat them partially brown.


With the tannin milk binds to it maybe try one in a smoothy
or other fats like coconut

I do not know about hose , but aronia berry is pretty astingent, and I just ate a berry the other day
must of fermented while dried it was very good, but I like dry wine
(and astringent aronia berries so my tastes could be different)

Could always add to a cider whole for added tannins
(I beleive perry has a good amount of tannin is that assumption correct?)

Soaking some fruits in Brandy Like Sloe Gin (or brandy) (Edit out Vodka)
can be good for a Number of months soaked before drinking
I haven’t done a lot of experiementing with bitter fruits (I love em), and soaking in alcohol but the book drunken botanist brings it up a lot.

About Growing JuJubes I wonder if the rootstock has anything to do with them not getting as ripe
That Borax sounds good maybe some added epsin salts
(Yeah I saw you added a ton of stuff already Barkslip
but I really hope something can help Gypsom is cheap)

Could Black lava rocks make more heat under them ?
maybe a high tunnel under a few ?
Ever grow out the seeds I hope they could adapt after a time or use the new seeds as rootstock.
(Leaves of these are The opposite of what Miracle fruit does makes things taste bitter not sweet. according the eat the weeds (no personal experience yet, but plan to ask cliff englands Nursery for some)


I’m not big on astringency at all, Eric. The Perry had it but it wasn’t very recognizable. It was quite expensive so maybe I bought a really good one.


I picked this one Honey Jar and ate it. Maybe too early but winter is coming, so I need to start fattening up! Very small fruit. Rick Moranis wasn’t available to shrink me down, so I kind of had to put on my connoisseur goggles. I noticed no astringency. I would describe it as a fairly one dimensional flavor of sweet. Green flesh. Not overpowering sweet at this point – light sweet. Nicely crisp but not hard – thin skin. I was trying to think what it compared to by my memory is gone! Maybe like a little crabapple, but without any of the tart. I liked it, but it’s like it could have just a bit more of something? In fairness, with the freeze that wiped out my apples, this is more fruit that my apples produced this year.


Looks delicious, sounds delicious. Yeah, there wasn’t any juice in the ones we were eating.


I would like to grow a variety that could be good for drying. I like dried jujube too…at least some that I’ve had. Some from the store just suck.


could be alright I suppose. I’ve still gotta eat a decent jujube.

pears though, that’s what I wanna dry. I got the crop in. now it’s a waiting game.


I prefer pears but trying to have some diversity. My wife made some sweet pickles from kieffer, and I like those. She dehydrated some pears (not kieffer) last year and they were sugar bombs!


Guess what variety of this jujube!


How is the taste?


Of course. It is very good.


Is it new Jin #4 ? Or Zhan Huang?


Not sure what I was thinking when I said Vodka (edited that out)
I meant Ever heard of Sloe Gin Or sloe Brandy

Pretty Bitter sloes are I’ve heard , but good to soak in brandy or gin for a few months
I guess In the 70’s a lot of Artificial flavors gave Sloe Gin / brandy a bad name Commercially.

Most Of my wine aged after a year taste better with the tannins
I did buy a Norton wine (st. james Winery) At a tasting it was so Harsh so I knew it would be a good wine to age Aged it for 10 years (plus it was 3 years old), and it aged great.

So maybe if you have a lot let some sit see if the flavor changes over time
and soak the fruit cut up in a wine Freezing makes the fruit break down after it is thawed
(can make red Delicious turn to mush, and after they actually taste good thawed that way, and juicy )

(Didn’t turn up a search here, but TEXAS, NM, NV, CA (FL too)
USA Have Native Ziziphus Lote bush or syn. Texas buckthorn Ziziphus obtusifolia)
Ziziphus celata, Florida Jujube

(Texas Buckthorn Syn grey thorn lote bush)


Cool I wonder how these will end up tasting (or if the grafting works )
I looked into Sheffields for the seeds (other times as well)

As a forger of wild plants
I often hear online how things are not edible , but never trust it very much (even on forums)


Nope. Neither.


Sophia they are sweet .

Hopefully I can hget some help

I am confused about these
I do like to research on my own (I open multiple tabs web pages to read, and weed out the bad ones)

Anyone have some good websites to look into these Jujubes ?

I ate one at cliffs, and it was wrinkled and sweet
I almost thought these Might of been like Dates , and needed to be dried.
When I ate a Date In New Orleans it had no flavor
Until dried at least for a few days , but not completely ready.

Yes I read this whole thread, but
Sofie it cut open, and Crispy ,and white it is sweet still ?
Didn’t know that they would be that white color though.
(edit I mean I read the other posts on the thread but does it have the depth of flavor is it ready?)


I thought this might be freeze damage. Turned out it is bug damage. Likely Lygus lineolaris. Turned to goo under the sunken spots.




The clue is in the first picture.