Jujube in zone 5


I’m missing the clue, but the shape looks a bit like Da Bai Ling.






Do you have that lady’s contact information? I can communicate with her in Chinese. Thanks.


You mean that lady who sells jujube trees in CA.
I can ask her phone number if you need.


I forgot to answer your guys’ questions.
If you know the jujube hanging from my hand in the first pic, you would get a very good clue to make a guess.


Give you an extra clue.
Which variety tastes best in your jujube collection?
What is it’s flaw?


Chico, Autumn Beauty and Black Sea taste best.


How do they compare to honey jar?


In order of taste, with the flaw in parenthesis:

1.) Sugar Cane (a bit less set than the most productive varieties)
2.) Honey Jar (a bit small)
3.) Black Sea & Russia #2 (a bit small)
4.) Massandra (a bit lower set, though it was my first year of production)

I would put Mei Mi Zao somewhere in the top 3, but I’ve only gotten 2 fruit in 5+ years. I’ll put the graft in a better place next spring and see if I can get more production.


I remember you got fucuimi this year. Did it set any fruits?
I cut two scions from the small Fucuimi tree and grafted on slightly bigger tree. I got some fruits this year. It tastes very good.


No, my Fucuimi is still pretty small. I was just looking at it today and thinking that maybe I should put a stick on a mature tree and see if I could get it to fruit earlier. I’m glad to hear that it was good for you.

Of the 2 others in Castanea’s list, Chico has been very slow to fruit for me and Autumn Beauty made very large fruit that I thought was good but not great.


I might try Black Sea and Russian # 2.
My jujube trees are all small. I have pretty limited space for all the varieties that I like.


I have autumn beauty. The fruits taste much better than last year. I want to cut it at the first year. The fruits are very big, but the taste is the worst one. My friend told me that the taste will be improved after three years.


First Chico from Raf scion that cleft grafted in May 2020. Tasted good but not as sweet as HJ or Sugarcane.

Two more Halina from @Harbin. Tasted good with a crunch even in a light green stage.


Chico is never as sweet as HJ or SC. Its appeal is the sweet tart mix that reminds you of apples. And the first Chico fruits are never as good as those that ripen later. I don’t know why but the later fruits are always much better.


I grew at least 15 jujubes that were superior to Honeyjar. Different cultivars do well in different climates.


Do you find they are heavy feeders? Mine get by well, but I’ve never really given them much supplementary to what is available naturally. I see good growth but little fruit…

Though I am in a much colder zone.



Fertilizer and water them often and in a sunny spot will definitely increase in production for my Jujubes.


I generally didn’t feed my jujubes much at all and still got good crops. but I didn’t have a lot of vertical growth. If you want good crops and vertical growth, supplementation will help you reach those goals.


Ok, I think I have it. Is it Sandia?

From NMSU: